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Voxus offers high-quality, evidence-based counselling and therapy to clients to deliver real results. Our therapy is founded in the Awareness-Acceptance-Action Model of change which encourages individuals to assess and accept the key factors of their approach and environment.

There will be a heavy focus on the mental health and well-being of the client to ensure a positive, growth mindset is developed and maintained.

Our psychologists and counsellors are highly trained and have extensive experience and knowledge in the mental health sector to ensure we are providing quality therapy and genuine results. We take a client centred approach which focuses on helping clients help themselves by taking ownership of their journey forward and to build self-efficacy and resilience during the process.

Overall, Voxus Psychology has a real focus on developing and building sustainable mental health and a general high level of well-being in clients through long-term, evidence-based solutions.

We offer face-to-face, telephone or video conference appointments, where the session structure is dependent on the current COVID restrictions. During lockdowns, only Telehealth options will be available.


Anxiety is persisting worry which impacts our behaviour, thoughts and emotions disproportionate to the potential threat/danger. Small doses of anxiousness can help boost arousal levels and increase performance and well-being. However, when our anxiousness grows, it can diminish our focus, limit our problem-solving ability and reduce our quality of life and level of well-being. Individuals will come to understand what anxiety is, recognise their triggers and any early warning signs as well as strategies to control their anxiety.

Depression and Mood

Depression is classified as a ‘mood disorder’, characterised by persistent and overwhelming feelings of sadness, and depressed moods that impact our daily activities. This ranges from short-term periods of depressed moods to clinical depression which is characterised by symptoms that last for at least 2 weeks, for majority of the day nearly everyday. This feeling can cause significant distress to the individual and significantly impact their quality of life and their ability to function daily.

Stress Management

Stress is an inevitable part of life. Do we let it negatively impact our behaviour and overwhelm our coping? Or do we respond positively to it and become solution-focused? These sessions will teach individuals applicable strategies to limit the negative impact of stress as well as assist individuals in rethinking the way stress is perceived, the benefits it can have if used appropriately and ways to live a life that is meaningful, purposeful and healthy.

Work-Life Balance

Individuals will learn how to integrate their personal life and professional life to maintain a high level of well-being.

Self-esteem and Confidence Support

Confidence is undoubtedly a critical component to success. Individuals will explore how to develop confident humility to back themselves without becoming over-confident.

Trauma and PTSD

Assistance and support with strategies to respond to traumatic experiences ranging from domestic violence, physical abuse, assault to any event or experience causing distress or trauma to the individual.

Relationships, Couples and Family Therapy

Relationships are pivotal to our well-being. Engagement with others can help build our sense of connection to a higher meaning and care from others. These sessions help individuals overcome various complications or conflict arising in their relationships with strategies to improve their relationships.

Grief and Loss

Support and assistance with dealing with and responding to loss of a loved one or close individual .

Conflict Resolution

The way an individual handles, resolves and moves on to action post conflict will ultimately determine their happiness, resilience, performance and longevity. These sessions teaches individuals strategies to use conflict constructively and ways to resolve complex situations.

Anger Management

Anger is experienced by everyone and is a normal emotion to have, however, mismanaged anger or uncontrollable, out bursts of anger can have significant impacts on individual’s personal life, relationships and mental and physical health. These sessions will assist individuals in identification of an anger problem, strategies to control this emotion and the triggers of the outbursts.

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is becoming a growing issue, particularly in the working population. Not only does sleep impact our performance both at work and in our personal life, it can also have significant consequences on our well-being. These sessions assist individuals on good ‘sleep hygiene’ habits and how they can implement them into their daily routine.

Reflective Practice

Part of being a high-performing and happy individual is having set routines of reflective practice to assess and review their life, relationships and performance. Reflective practice enables the individuals to determine how strengths can be applied, and work and life areas developed and improved.


Individuals will learn the power of regularly practicing mindfulness and gratefulness. The sessions will take individuals through a variety of mindfulness techniques which they can utilise in their daily routine,


Burnout impacts nearly half of the working population at any single point in time. It is defined as the ‘cost of good intentions and passions’. When left unrecognised, the effects of burnout can last over three years. These sessions help individuals identify burnout, recognise the different stages and learn how to find and recover from burnout.

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