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Voxus Psychology is a psychology clinic located in the heart of the Sydney CBD. We offer mental health and well-being services to individuals that focus on helping drive improvement and continually maintain a productive and positive frame of mind.



Voxus offers high-quality, evidence-based counselling and therapy to clients to deliver real results.

Our therapy is founded in the Awareness-Acceptance-Action Model of change which encourages individuals to assess and accept the key factors of their approach and environment.

Highly Trained Psychologists

Our psychologists and counsellors are highly trained and have extensive experience and knowledge in the mental health sector.

Client-centered Approach

Focusing on helping clients help themselves by taking ownership of their journey forward and to build self-efficacy and resilience during the process.

Sustainable Mental Health

Building sustainable mental health and a general high level of well-being in clients through long-term, evidence-based solutions.


Legacy Therapy

Legacy Therapy explores and documents meaningful and important aspects of a person’s life through a therapeutic conversation with a specially trained psychologist.

Reduces Distress

The primary aim of Legacy Therapy is to reduce distress for individuals facing the end of their life. 

Creates a Meaningful Space

Creates a space for meaningful conversations and helps to create understanding about a person’s whole life values, hopes and dreams that they hold dear

Positive, Affirming Experience

Various studies have detailed the kind of benefits people have experienced as well as the positive effects for family members and hospice staff.


Child Psychology

Unfortunately just like adults, children can also experience challenges to their mental health and well-being. The good news is that also just like adults, children can greatly benefit from talking to a caring mental health professional.

Experienced Caring Professionals

Voxus has a range of clinicians who have experience working with children and supporting their mental health.

Support to Parents

Voxus offers support to parents to help them manage their mental health through these tough times, and learn skills to support their children.

Engaging and Beneficial

Through utilising a variety of different engaging strategies we help make speaking to a “stranger” about mental health engaging and beneficial for children and adolescents of all ages.



Voxus believes that different clients present with different needs, and the only way to ensure that we can support everyone is to high-quality, timely and accurate assessments.

psychologist, psychiatristExtensive Assessment Library

Voxus offers high-quality and timely assessments to all ages for a range of mental health issues.

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