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Legacy Therapy

Legacy Therapy explores and documents meaningful and important aspects of a person’s life through a therapeutic conversation with a specially trained psychologist. It invites patients to discuss the issues that matter most to them, and parts of their life they would most want remembered.

The therapist records this conversation in order to create a Legacy Document that can be shared with family, friends, and carers. Sharing this document creates a space for meaningful conversations and helps to create understanding about a person’s whole life values, hopes and dreams that they hold dear.

Who Benefits from Legacy Therapy?

The primary aim of Legacy Therapy is to reduce distress for individuals facing the end of their life. Various studies have detailed the kind of benefits people have experienced as well as the positive effects for family members and hospice staff. We have included a summary of some of this research to assist your understanding of the potential benefits.  


Individuals reported reduced suffering and depressive symptoms, and were satisfied overall with Legacy Therapy (91%). They experienced a heightened sense of dignity (76%), an increased sense of purpose (68%); and a heightened sense of meaning in their life (67%). 47% reported an increased will to live; and 81% felt would be of help to their families.


Family members reported that Legacy Therapy was helpful for their terminally ill relative (95%), that it lessened their suffering and distress (43%), improved their sense of dignity (78%) and sense of purpose (72%), and helped them to prepare for death (65%).

Staff and carers

Hospice staff viewed Legacy Therapy as a positive, affirming experience for patients, felt the emotional and time requirements were worthwhile, and reported that it helped to reduce patients’ pain and suffering.

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